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We got Sesse Lind, our favourite photographer in the whole wide world, to help us with some beach pics! Since he travels a lot to South America, we asked him to name one of our towels after his favourite beach there. He says Ipanema in Rio de Janeiro is the sexiest and most laid back urban beach in the world. “The people here have passion and style. Rich or poor ­– everyone looks the same relaxing half naked on the beach.”

All our towels are 70x140 cm, made of 100% cotton and have a silicone hanging loop. They are thick enough to feel soft and get you dry, but thin enough to dry quickly.

Beach Collector is a small family owned brand based in Stockholm, Sweden. The name simply comes from us loving beaches so much that we spend a looot of time looking for new ones. In other words: we collect beaches. And we love it!

A mix of old surfboards and that oh so familiar Brazilian flip flop brand is the easiest way to describe what has inspired our designs. But actually, our inspiration might as well be anything else that feels nice and beachy. Skateboarding, pineapples, yoga, street art, zingy lemon and ginger shots. Or maybe just that barefoot walk across the beach parking lot.

All our towels come in one size and great quality. We want a beach towel to be big enough to lay on comfortably, but small enough to carry. It is thick enough to feel soft and get you dry, but thin enough to dry quickly.

Every design is named after one of our favorite beaches. Since we’re constantly looking for new ones, please feel free to send us your own best kept secrets. Hopefully they could be our favorites too.

Don’t quit your daydream!
Adam & Caroline

Email: adam@beach-collector.com
Phone: +46 70 999 53 38

Caring for your towel
Be sure to wash your towel before you use it. This will strengthen it and make it less likely to get pulled threads. If you still get a pulled thread, just cut it off with a pair of scissors. 

The design I want is out of stock?
We may, or may not, make more of a specific design. Send us an email so we can notify you if/when it’s available again. Or try finding a design you like that’s in stock.

Why is beach-collector.com in English?
Well basically because we’re lazy. We ship all over the world and English is the most widely spoken language we know. But if you feel like it, you can write to us in Swedish as well.

Estimated delivery times:
Europe (including Sweden): 2-4 days.
Everywhere else: 4-7 days.

Just like the Beatles we get by with a little help from our friends. The ones who helped us the most deserve some extra attention. Please consider them for any of your future projects!
Sesse Lind helped us with beach pics.
Robin Nilssen helped us with product pics.
Axel Engström helped us with code/development.

Apart from on our website you can find our towels at Vans X Brädkultur in Stockholm, 6/5/4 in Stockholm and Visby and Sportshopen in Gothenburg, Grebbestad, Strömstad, Charlottenberg, Töcksfors, Uddevalla and Lysekil. You can also find our towels in Gotland's best little beach café Mormor Herta.